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Thing to do today:
- empty and reload dishwasher</strike>
- clean kitchen
- make banana muffins and mini muffins
- clean kitchen again after baking
- vacuum the whole house
- wipe down the bathroom counters (I can't find the fucking windex!)
- find something to make for dinner
- give the dog a bath
- brush the dog
- clip dog's nails
- clean dog's ears
- do all my laundry
- wash towels
- wash sheets
- clean my room
- clean the shower

On a side note:

I went to pick up my sister from her second day of highschool today since I'm a deadbeat and don't start my job until September 10th. Blah. I sat in line for a half hour simply because I didn't want to be at the end of the two mile line at 2:40. After the bell rang the deluge of student came out, and the sight of them absolutely sickened me. I watched girls dressed in things girls that age, or any age for that matter, should be dressed in (...well, except hookers). They carried Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Coach backpacks, for christ sake. I hate this neighborhood. Shortly after the walking students came students driving from the senior parking lot - on the cell phone, hanging a cigarette out the window of their Audi, Mercedes or Lexus. This neighborhood makes me sick. What are those kids going to end up doing with their lives? Everything had been handed to them their ENTIRE lives, how will they know what to do with themselves when they leave home for good?


Its not just now, either, in highschool. It all starts when they're kids. I was talking with my parents about this last night. All three of us were amazed at what we see on a day to day basis. Parkland and Boca moms with the most ill behaved children I have ever seen. How can those women, as ADULTS, let a child speak to them that way? scream because they want something? hit them? SERIOUSLY. YOU are the mother, your CHILD should listen to you. Ugh. Again, with this neighborhood.



September 2008

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